The Quest

Discovery and adventure have always been vital to me.  As a young woman, I excavated ancient Native American sites of the Deep South and mapped the shadowy Black Hills of South Dakota.  

The past few years however, have led me on another quest – that of discovering my creative heart.  My past and present now collide in working with the tools of my new trade – paint, pen and lens.

As an archaeologist, my work included research, discovery, record keeping, interpretation, problem solving and education.  My most favorite tasks were those of curation, display, reconstruction and preservation of sacred treasure.  I find my work now as artist and inspiration gatherer not altogether different – as it holds elements of each of those former duties – metaphorically, of course.

I invite you to journey with me now.  Explore Dream Digger Studio – my hopes are that it will allow you to venture more deeply into your own creative terrain.


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