From November 2014


Dream Digger Studio’s Mission

Years ago, I worked as an archaeologist and later, as a geologist.  Of course, one field is the study of ancient human culture and the other, the study of Earth.  Still, much of the job description and responsibilities were the same.

There were elements of research, discovery, record keeping, interpretation and education to be done. But my most favorite duties were that of curation, display and the preservation of our sacred cultural and Earthly treasures.

Although I left that world years ago, those sciences still hold much fascination for me.  My love of culture and Earth are apparent in many of my choices – books, music, film, art – even my clothing and jewelry!

Perhaps the methods I used in that long-ago work are deeply ingrained or I’m just built this way – because I find many parallels between my work then and as an artist now.  It’s those similarities that inspired this website and my mission here.  Let me explain.

At Dream Digger Studio, I intend to excavate creative treasure by sharing:

  • my artistic processes, experiments & discoveries
  • reflections based on my personal creative experiences
  • my works in progress, completed art and studio time
  • resources – books, inspiration, teachers, heroes, workshops, tutorials, interviews, creative spaces, etc.

AND I aspire to do so while preserving what is sacred to me.

Art making is a sacred act – a profound and personal expression.  I believe one does not have to like the art (mine or anyone’s) for it to remain a valuable cultural contribution.

Willingness to share of myself authentically is also an act I hold sacred.  I intend to do so here deeply – but without over-sharing – as my work and relationships are my MOST sacred and prioritized treasures.  TMI is not my bag.

Finally, I honor any conversation generated by my work here.  Your respectfully voiced opinions and observations matter greatly to me – and are highly encouraged!  I endeavor to create and maintain positive energetic space here in my corner of the cyber world.

I hope that YOU will be part of the creative conversation here at Dream Digger Studio!




Secret Horses

Nearly every little girl I’ve known has begged for a pony – I was no exception.  Growing up in Texas meant there were many beautiful horses nearby – a couple I was allowed to ride, but none were mine.  I still long for that pony – a shiny black male, strong and sleek.  I admit to pretending that my black cocker spaniel is a horse, often calling him “my little pony”.  In many ways he is . . . he is constantly on my mind and in my heart.  I whisper stories in his ear, sometimes cry onto his furry little shoulder and take him on romps in the field whenever I can.  I change lyrics to songs to include him, I recite poetry in his name . . . I’m obsessed.  I’m ridiculous.

Over my 50 plus years, I’ve come to realize that a real life pony isn’t my only heart-longing.  There are many others.  I call them my “secret horses”.  One such horse is kind of an unusual desire to own a large Airstream trailer.  I’d take it on the road and visit artists in their studios.  Then I’d interview them on camera in their creative spaces.  Huh.

Other secret horses include a living-room-sized closet (more “boutique” than closet) and an ache to own not one, but TWO, art barns!  One barn to use as my own studio – the other to host creativity retreats.  If I could have a real horse, an Airstream, a monster closet and TWO art barns – well that’s no “secret horse” – it’s a large and happy HERD of my very own!

I’m sharing these with you – oh and there’s others – because 1) if I say it “out loud” it may actually come to pass and 2) I firmly believe “secret horses” are super important.  They are more than goals . . . more than ideas or a passing whim.  “Secret horses” are real!  In them, we glimpse our soul’s deepest desires – they are road maps and clues to who we most long to be.  They may be crazy – unreasonable even!  They may take years to manifest – but they are visions of our truest, deepest selves.

I’m going to chase my Secret Horses down – one by one.  Then, I will throw a rope over its strong, glossy neck and make him mine!  Until then, I’ve got a shiny black dog by my side, an off-roadin’ jeep in my driveway, a smallish closet I share with my man, art retreats to attend and two amazing art barns studios!

(painting – “Secret Horses”, texture, acrylic and ink on paper)