2015 . . . More Of This Please







Canvas and paper.  Writing at dawn.  Exotic fragrance on wrist.  Puppy dog breath.  Adventure seeking.  Wide open spaces.  Fountain pen scratches.  Deep belly inhales/long emptying exhales.  Art journal picnics.  World music beats.  Riots of color.  Lift-me-off-the-floor bear hugs.  Warm suppers in laps.  Candle lit evenings.  Stacks of filled journals.  Fresh starts.  Inspiring reads.  Fringe and cashmere.  Creamy coffee mornings/Chocolate chai tea afternoons.  Nature’s cathedrals.  True partnering.  Sacred space.  Mojo Mondays.  Piles of blankets.  Studio time.  Face to face.  Blue jeans and cowboy boots.  Art supply addiction.  Dream chasing.  Movie marathons.  Desert days/beach-y nights.  Myth, magic and lore.  Pajama days.  Kohl rimmed eyes.  Clean open windows.  Ethnic prints (everywhere).  Epic stories.  Soul Fire.  Day-long artist dates.  Sisters in paint.  Hot pink orchids.  Moonlit walks.  Turquoise with silver.  Hours of power.  Collecting shades of lipstick.  Creative abandon.  Horseplay and romps.  Puns and nicknames.  Snuggles, warm kisses.  Neons and neutrals.  Hiking trail sunrises and bicycled lunches.  Exploration and discovery.

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