Claiming Space For The Muse

The start of the new year has brought some major moving and shaking in the Hanson household – and it all started with such a simple question.  My husband Derek, having recently begun working with leather, asked if I’d be willing to give up my backyard studio.  What?  The man has been struck by the Muse and wanted a studio of his very own!  However, he suggested that I relocate my studio into a seldom used upstairs den space in our home.  (We practically live in a smaller downstairs den.)

Honestly, I felt I should just give him the space – after all, I have a warehouse studio that I share with my Mom, a lifelong artist.  It’s where I do my larger painting on canvas – something that’s difficult to do in my tiny backyard studio.  Isn’t it too much to have a larger home studio AND a shared warehouse space?  Surely that’s being selfish.

My husband did not agree.  He wants me to have it!  Over the next hour, he asked me at least five times to do this.  He nearly twisted my arm, but in the end he convinced me that it was all good.   I’m so glad he did.

So over the past couple of weeks, we’ve begun working towards our studio makeovers.  Somehow, that one decision has snowballed into a flurry of activity – it’s now a house wide project!  There are walls to be painted, clearing to be done, moving this, donating that . . .  Yes, it’s a lot of work – one worth every back breaking moment.

I’ve had plenty of time to think while painting endless walls.  I believe that honoring one’s creative work is very important.  Both of us need creative space. Derek needs a space devoted solely to an emerging passion.  I need greater space to delve more deeply into the work I never do in my shared space – writing, blogging, art journaling, sketching and class work.  And yes, I’ll be able to paint there too if I wish.  Oh my gosh – I can paint at midnight if I want!

We’ve yet to touch either of our future studio spaces – we’re working our way there as time permits.  I’ve decided to blog my way through it – so I hope you’ll join in the adventure….stay tuned for more!


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  1. Jamie says:

    What a powerful question… “Isn’t it too much?” And you’ve found an even more powerful answer!! Enjoy the new space. I know it’s going to be beautiful – like you :)

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