My New Studio “Vision”

This weekend, we are painting the room where my new home studio will soon reside.  AND if we’re industrious, we’ll also build a set of fairly simple (I hope) DIY shelves.  So this morning, I had an “idea jam session” for the studio – complete with lists, a room layout and a rough shelf design.  Pinterest has been of enormous help – the board I created is here.


While a floor plan can seem good on paper, sometimes it has to be tweaked in real life.  This studio must function well for making art and writing, but it’s just gotta include a lounge area for reading and break time.  I’ve got two dark brown leather recliners – the leather is worn and yummy.  Ralph Lauren would love them!  I’ll probably keep them as is – but slipcovers are an option should I ever want a different look.

I’ll move my desk from it’s current kitchen location and use two filing cabinets as a base for a wood topped credenza.  My printer, paper, printing supplies and home files can all live there.  Ah storage and function!  Over the credenza, I’m dreaming of a beautiful pin board.  I will likely make my own using an over the top ornate frame – I want pretty and inspiring!

My happiest plan is to paint the wall surrounding the fire place (YES a fire place!) with chalkboard paint.  I cannot wait to do this!  You can have chalkboard paint tinted with any color now – so unsure if I’ll choose a wild color or stick with black.  Hmmmm.  Wild will probably win!

The shelves we will build are an industrial style.  They’ll be made of walnut stained wood and steel pipe!  I have a large wall to fill and that’s a good thing – I have TONS of books and need to house lots of art supplies.  I envision the art supplies stowed in large baskets on the bottom shelves.  Because this room is now a den, we have a nice TV that will have a place on the shelf unit as well.

As for art making, I have plans for an art journaling station.  I already own an awesome black tool cabinet with drawers (yay for my industrial style theme).  It has a butcher block top – this will be the ideal art journaling desk – with storage for my supplies.  All I need is a bar height stool to complete that area.

As for painting, I’ll bring in my easel.  It will set it atop a large commercial floor mat to keep paint drips tamed.  I have that rolling cart from Ikea that every artist seems to have now.  It will serve as a portable paint table beside my easel.  I’m blessed with tons of windows in this room – the painting light will be amazing!

As you can tell, I want everything to be considered and well executed.  Here’s sketches of the floor plan and shelf design I made below.  I’m so excited!





I hope my plans inspire you to clear a bit of space for your own Muse – be it a table, a shelf or a “portable” studio stashed under your bed . . . I’ve had them all!

I’ll be painting and building shelves this weekend, so I’ll see you next week!  The plan is to take lots of before and after pictures to share as this project unfolds.  See you soon!


  1. Shamsi says:

    …so, this is your invitation for a playdate :) OMGoodess woman, I’m so excited for your prospects here, and getting to create your own space – is there a greater joy in the world? Sending you a ton of love and “git’er done!” energies …so you can totally get the DIY shelves knocked out too ♥

  2. Jamie says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous plan. I love having a behind the scenes look at what you’re creating. It’s so inspiring. And omg, who knew you can get chalkboard paint in any colour. Woot!

    Looking forward to watching your vision come to life – here and everywhere!

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