On The Grid

As we all know by now, life can change in an instant, still we forget.  I was reawakened to this knowing when I got word of a dear one’s sudden health crisis – the kind of news that rocks you off center.  I needed “grounding” in a very real way, so yesterday I trekked to my neighboring bird sanctuary to feel the sun on my face.

It’s January, but Southern California is pretending it’s Spring.  Recent rains have re-wetted The Wetlands causing fluorescent lime ground cover and lonely yellow blooms to burst onto the scene.


After less than 10 minutes into my hike, I surrendered to the salt air, breathing more deeply than I had in days.  I felt myself center “on the grid” . . . field tripping school children and the metropolis of Los Angeles to my North.


Snow clad mountains shadowing our desert getaway to the West.


To my South, were miles more coast line and ultimately, Mexico.


The nearby seashore held a line of freighters awaiting harbor entry, the island of Catalina and the great Pacific Ocean to my West.


There I was at the center of my own little Universe and it was . . .


When the world gets scary and overwhelming, it’s good to know where you are.  Here.  Now.  Present.




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