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An Interview with Roxanne Coble

Today, I am SO happy to feature a few art images

and a brief interview with art journal artist Roxanne Coble.  

If you are an art journaling devotee like me,

you may recognize Roxanne as the “cover girl”

and featured artist profile in the Spring 2015 issue

of Art Journaling magazine.

I believe you can still order that magazine here!

I recently had the pleasure to meet Roxanne

and let me tell you her journals are beyond gorgeous!

When we met, Roxanne toted along a couple of

her journals for me to look at – incredibly beautiful!  

They are so rich with layers and meaning . . . See?

I could’ve spent hours pouring through them.


Roxanne is one of two incredible teachers I’ve scheduled for

The Creative Nomad, An Art Journaling Adventure.

The retreat will take place at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club

in Palm Springs CA, January 21-24, 2016.  

Registration for The Creative Nomad opens July 21! 


*Roxanne, when did you first know you were an “artist” – tell me about the journey to claiming that.

My need to create, draw, and doodle, began at a very young age. Creativity and making art has been a consistent driving force in my life. But actually calling myself an ‘artist’ is something I will admit I have struggled with.

For the longest time I felt like it was a title I could only earn through a certain level of formal training. This idea was of course further reinforced during my time in art school. It wasn’t until I fell into mixed media and my own artistic style that I was able to break free from that kind of mindset.

*What inspires you as an artist – what are your influences – the things that spark your desire to make art….

My desire to make art comes from an inner need to create. I make art everyday, because I feel like I physically and emotionally need to! My work is deeply connected to my personal life and lived experiences so that is usually my primary source of inspiration. With a background in Art History, I’m also constantly drawn to the “greats”. Right now I’m on an Egon Schiele kick – and I’m sure next week it will be someone else!


*What methods do you use to keep yourself fresh and inspired?  (ie. “artist dates” (what’s your ideal “artist date”, play dates with other artists, etc.)

I actually have a bit of that stereotypical artist personality, in that I’m a total introvert and prefer to work alone. For me, art journaling is a very personal and often a meditative experience – which is why I’m usually working solo.

As a means of keeping things fresh and inspired, I openly embrace the idea of ‘play’. That is, sometimes I will play and experiment with materials to get unplanned but unique results. This usually snowballs into new techniques, or modes of art making.


*How do you balance your work life/family life/creative life?

At the moment I’m in a transition period and am pursuing art full time. That being said, art is a priority and at the forefront of my daily to do list. I’m thankful that I have a husband (who is also a creative type) that supports all of my creative endeavors (and mess around the house).

*What drew you to teaching?  Why do you love it?

I’ve had such wonderful workshop experiences over the past few years, so it was only natural to be drawn to it. I’m a big believer in sharing artistic knowledge. I’ve gained skills and techniques from so many throughout my journey as an artist, so I want to continue that cycle and pass on what I know. This also deeply coincides with my passion for mixed media art, and sharing this passion is something that simply feels right.


*What are your desires for your students?

I want my students to walk away from class feeling challenged, inspired, and with new approaches to apply to their own art making practices. I believe it’s important to break free from your normal mode of making art, so I try to facilitate that during my workshops. In my own experience, I find that those times when I feel frustrated or even uncomfortable is when I begin to make great strides in my art making.

*What’s next for you creatively?

I always have a lengthy list of project ideas – things ranging from new types of journals, various illustration series, and applying my mixed media style to new media forms.

From a business perspective, I’m in the midst of launching my own series of online classes. It’s been a long time in the making, so I’m looking forward to finally putting it out in the world!

* * *

See more of Roxanne’s art,

view her great new video series

“Ask the Artist” AND stay up to date on her

upcoming online classes at her website:


* * *

Join Roxanne Coble, Brian Kasstle and me

live at the upcoming four day art journaling adventure,

The Creative Nomad.

Registration opens July 21!

Space is very limited.


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Also, I’ve posted an interview with The Creative Nomad’s 

second teacher, Brian Kasstle here.

Check it out!



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