Storm Chaser



The craziest warm Santa Ana winds blew all last night.

I woke to a dozen fallen razor-sharp palm fronds in the yard

and a few big dark drops of rain on our driveway.

That’s it.  

Insane winds and giant, but too few, rain drops.

That’s what we call a storm in Southern California!


“Storm Chaser”, 30×40″ acrylic on canvas.  

Detail shots below.


The “storm” must have influenced today’s work in the studio –

a long day that produced two works on canvas!

I love it when that happens!

I probably had more fun painting “Storm Chaser” than I’ve ever had with ANY painting.

I was deep in it – hours passed before I knew I needed a break!

I adore the feeling of being “in flow” –

breathing through it, taking risks, letting it all go……

I like this new direction – I’ll likely head that way with the next canvas  – with the full intention to go even deeper.








Not sure, but I think the one below is not complete.

I’ll let it sit a day or two and check back in with it.

I do dig the indigo “glow” . . .

but already seeing ways to go further with the rocks.


“River Walk”, 30×40″, acrylic on canvas

Detail shot below.


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