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Sustaining Wonder

Last week I was fortunate to travel by plane, then by boat to the tiny Hawaiian island of Lanai with my hubbie.


While on the boat, I looked overhead to find this heavenly heart-shaped greeting.  I knew it would be a magical trip!


Shortly after, I saw my first whale!  But he was too quick for my lens.

By the time we settled in our hotel, the sound of conch shell horns were hailing the four directions and torches were being lit.



We walked down a tree-lined path to a secluded beach.  The sunset was shining a golden light onto the now shadowy isle.

 Sunsets take their time in the islands . . . why rush such beauty?  The sand beneath our bare feet was coarse, but soft and non-sticky.

My husband, here in silhouette, quickly dropped into a state of bliss that I rarely see – he’s such a “Type A”!

 IMG_4051 IMG_4041

Early, the next day we headed out for adventure!  On the many dirt roads, the grasses are lime green, the volcanic soil is rich and dark, the skies clear and blue.  Bright and dark . . . contrasts that feed the artist’s eye.


 Jeepin' in Lanai

At the top of the island is the Garden of the Gods.


360 degree views and Moonscapes!


We bumped on down the long dirt road only to discover the most beautiful beach on the island!  The only footprints on the sand would be ours . . .

But the waters alternately raged and calmed – quite unpredictable!  There would be no swimming here!

DSC_0058 DSC_0055 IMG_4070

Later in the day, we found a small herd of horses, happy to come for a snuggle.  Quite friendly they were.  If only I’d known, I’d have brought them each an apple.  These horses were so sweet, they actually allowed big white birds – something like an egret – to perch on their backs!  (Hence the white specks on their coats.)


DSC_0111 DSC_0112 DSC_0122

We found a World War II shipwreck too!  Crazy.

Apparently, our troops attempted to destroy the vessel at the end of the war.  They were unsuccessful in sinking it in the channel between the islands.  The ship drifted until permanently beaching itself in the shallow waters off the coast of Lanai.  Huh.


Oh sure, there was plenty of time during our little-get-away to relax and enjoy a Mai-Tai or three.


But in my opinion, lounging with the ole sketchbook is the best way to unwind.

IMG_4155 IMG_4157 IMG_4158 IMG_4160

I see island shapes and flora are having their way with my pages!

I realize now that I rarely picked up my sketchbook over the past year.

It’s a practice I’d sort of forgotten.

Which is weird, because I so thoroughly enjoy it.

Sketching and playing with watercolor has always inspired me and helped me to sustain wonder.

Well dang it, I don’t have to travel by plane or boat for that!

Inspiration and wonder is everywhere – at home and out and about – my sketchbook helps me to see it and remember.

**My Muse has asked that I promise this:**

in 2015, I will take weekly artist dates with the sketchbook or art journal.  I’ve inked it in the calendar,  but the Muse won’t mind if I start now.

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