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A Mixed-Media Life

There’s been so many different things happening in my world lately.  It’s a mixed-media-life dontcha know!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a class with Misty Mawn.  I’d never met her, but had done her online classes.  Misty is so funny and a truly generous soul.  The girl over-delivers let me tell you – I have enough ideas to keep me busy for the next year!

The combination of story and painting is something I’ve been musing on lately.  Misty’s class dove deep into that process.  I will share more as it unfolds in my studio.  Meanwhile, here’s a couple of quick sketches and a small painting from the class.










Tomorrow, I begin another workshop with Katie Kendrick!!  I went to one last year too – but couldn’t resist another opportunity. Katie is beyond talented!

Ya know, I have done many classes, both online and in-person.  But I dig the in-person workshops so much, I’m trying to do that as often as possible.  Being in the company of other artists touches my creative soul like nothing else can!

There’s also been art play in the journal too.  The writing journals I use are hand made by Jenni Bick and are a combination of writing and “artist” papers.  My latest has so many watercolor papers, I’ve been inspired to do more “art” than I usually do there.

A bit of paint or marker, some quick and clean collage and ta-da!

Purty pages!!



There’s been work on the easel too.  I think my daily walks are leading to lots of abstracted flowers and nature-inspired paintings.  Here’s a new one.

"Honeycomb and Fae"
“Honeycomb and Fae”

Speaking of walks.  I believe today is day 141 of my self-imposed-daily-challenge.  Because I can never resist starting my day like this….


As for who I’ve been hanging with, a stray kitty has adopted me.  Sigh. He’s the loviest-most-affectionate cat ever!

Too bad my mean dog won’t have him in the house.  I’m working hard to find him an inside home.  It’ll be safer for him (and the neighborhood birds).


And well, these birds – they may be the funniest/coolest people I know!  They keep me young and maybe a bit hipper than I would’ve been without them in my life.

Yeah . . . I’m probably not ever been hip.


"Under The Willow"

Under The Willow

together, my wild gang races through heavy southern heat

our games of chase and dirt clod battles disturb the quiet wood

birds take flight, bunnies scatter from our boisterous path

i’m the only one to see an ancient willow among the oaks

i part the shading curtain and disappear into its darkened circle

inside this secret fort, i stifle my giggles as you ask aloud where i’ve gone

a round of hide and seek begins as my hidden heart slows, my breath quiets down

under this willowed veil, a world of wonder and solitude unfolds

a floor of earth-scented-potpourri, a creeping tribe of rainbow caterpillars, empty nests of twig and straw await my departure, and the thick trailing leaves muffle your calls

when it’s safe at last, i reluctantly slip from under, unnoticed

some magic, one keeps to herself


Showing Up

Since October I’ve not been able to spend much time in the studio.    But I’m baaaaack!   This week, I was able to spend two full days in the studio.

IMG_4236 IMG_4225

No matter how long I’m away from the easel, it’s always the same  – I have resistance, doubt, struggle.  It’s sometimes hard to silence the inner critic, but I’ve learned to let it rage and paint anyway.  Eventually the critic quiets down and something new emerges on canvas.  The trick really is to show up.

Right now, I have a conversation going on in my head about what to paint . . . the subject matter.  I’m primarily an intuitive painter – typically slapping paint on canvas in a messy way then finding images to pull forth and refine.  In other words, I normally don’t compose my paintings in any way.

However, I do long to paint certain images – tribal and ethnic themes being my greatest interest.  This conversation in my head can cause me to move into perfectionism, making me stiff with the paint brush, when I desire looseness and freedom.

So this season in the studio, I’m letting myself play and experiment.  I’m changing things up . . . using giant brushes and new color combinations . . . painting flat instead of vertically on an easel.  I may paint while seated on the floor next week – like I did before I had the space of a warehouse studio.  Whatever it takes to loosen up and let it flow, I’m showing up.