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You Gotta Hear This


A few weeks ago, I had the tremendous privilege of joining Sabrina Ward Harrison and Trent Reynolds on their new podcast called “Room In The Trees”.  

If you haven’t listened to any of their episodes yet, you really gotta.  I highly recommend subscribing!

“Room In The Trees” is a valuable (and fun!) resource for artists – they discuss lots of topics that matter to we creative types.  I’ve enjoyed every episode (but forgive me, I may be partial to the one where I’m the guest.)  

Listen in here y’all!  

And let us know what you think!!


White Space

At least once a month, I head east on crowded freeways towards our second home, Palm Springs.  After an hour or two of loud and harried, I reach my favorite exit – a long stretch of road in the shadow of the towering Mount San Jacinto.  It’s flanked by a wide expanse of blinding white sand and craggy mountains.

It’s here, I breathe deeper than I have in days.  The air is clear, the pace is slow, the stillness palpable.   In near reverence, I lower my window, quiet my tunes and let my hand roll in the warm breeze.  It’s my church.

My intense love for the desert southwest is as old as I am.  I figure it’s the closest I’ll ever live to the deserts of my Texas birthplace.

I’m here for over a week and it’s such a gift!  The temperature may soar to 117 degrees by this weekend, but that only means the desert is in it’s quiet annual hibernation.  So, I venture out at dawn for long coolish walks through town.


The only people out so early in this town are sleepy dog walkers and casino shift workers.  But, I have spotted a familiar braided-Native-American-ranger bumping his truck onto a canyon road.  I so envy his turquoise bracelets!  He shows them off each time he waves my husband and I through to hiking trails during the cool months.

After my walk, a dip in the lukewarm pool is in order.  I float for awhile in the silky water, cloud gazing and day dreaming.  Before it’s too hot, I’ll run my errands.  The rest of the hours will be spent in much too cold air conditioning deep in page, paint and pen.  It’s a working retreat, you see.  I’m so fortunate to have my work feel like play nowadays.

The white space I’ve managed on my calendar is not likely to come again for a year, so I intend to make the most of this time.  How about you?  What are you doing in these last days of summer – are you finding some white space of your own?





My Working Retreat

Today, and for the next 2 weeks I’m on a self-imposed “working” retreat.  Clearing the “white space” was not easy.  But the work to get here, was worth having done, because the work I WANT TO DO can now happen!  LOL.


Now, it’s time to allow.  I will allow my normal routine and responsibilities to fall away.  I’ll surrender to the writing, art making, reading and studying I seriously desire.


You see recently, I made a firm decision to begin hosting art retreats.  It’s a longing I’ve had for quite some time, but I struggled – finding a perfect location to lease and making it work financially was just not gelling.  Finally, I let go of the brick and mortar idea and decided to take it on the road.  Hence, Creative Nomad Retreat(s) was born!


The first art retreat I’ll host is still months away, but there’s content I want to create for before and during the retreat, so that is a major part of what I’ll be doing during this time.  There’s also art making, a bit of blogging, personal journaling and catching up on an online class to do.  Dream time for other future art retreats is also on the to-do list!  All of this will be interspersed with early walking, swimming, good food and rest.


I’m so happy, I almost can’t stand it!  There is much to be done, but this is the work I’d PAY to do!  It’s work I’ve CHOSEN for myself – work 54 years in the making.


So I’m off to whistle while I work, my dears!  Catch up with you later.  AND if you’re interested in learning more about the first Creative Nomad Retreat, go here.  There’s one spot left!