The Commitment

Committing to a life as an artist is similar to taking my marriage vows – there were soul commitments – deep, lasting, true and heart led.

Sure, there were some reasons it made head-sense to marry – but none of that would have worked for me, if it weren’t for the belief that making a life with my husband was where I belonged . . .  what I most longed for and loved . . . what I’d regret not having done.

I’ve had a relatively brief romance with art making – about 5 years now.  I admit – it’s been stormy at times.  I have often dismissed it’s importance in my life.  I’ve threatened to quit painting or writing when “real life” got too busy and I struggled to “fit it all in”.  I’ve too easily shunned it for other “should-do’s”.  But the Muse won’t leave me, no matter how difficult I make it for her.  It’s now clear – this is more than a fling!

I commit to this deep soul work . . . this life as capital A Artist.  I will no longer deny the call, diminish the significance or delay the desire.  Yes, my life is full of much responsibility and other joys – but art making will be there always – walking beside me, waiting patiently when necessary, and making my life more colorful, rich and interesting!

Put a ring on it!

(Painting – “The Wedding” detail – acrylic & collage on canvas)

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