Waiting For Paint To Dry

The Slowly Evolving Studio

I’m still at work on the new home studio – it’s a slow evolution and I’m okay with that.  Typically, I’m what you might call an “instant gratification girl”, but this project is unfolding in it’s own slow (sweet) time.

I’ve squeezed in bits and pieces of the studio transformation into an already busy life.  Honestly, slowing down has allowed me to honor what I truly want in a new creative space.  So no big reveal yet – but it’s coming soon.  Here’s a tiny hint for you – a picture of my new chalkboard wall – which I adore!

There’s been only one major disappointment – I’d drawn up a DIY industrial style shelf unit and had planned to build it this past weekend.  However, once I began counting parts, I realized I’d need 80 flanges, 320 screws, 40 pieces of pipe and well . . . NOT!  Way too complex and UN-FUN – so I’m using what I have until I find an affordable and FUN solution.  C’est la vie.

Having this space is such a blessing.  Never have I had a place to art journal, paint, write and lounge all in one place.  These pieces are all part of my particular creative pie – something I didn’t know until I knew.

I began painting 5 years ago when I took part in an online painting and writing class with Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  By the end of that 6 month class, I’d brazenly began calling myself an Artist and co-rented a studio with my Mom, a life long painter.

Shiloh warmly giggled on hearing my bold announcement that I’d signed a warehouse studio lease.  She told me, “You’ll have breakthroughs because you’ve made a home for the Muse”.  She was right!  I’ve had many artistic breakthroughs in these past 5 years.  I believe my new home studio will witness many more . . . honor the Muse and she will come a’calling!





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